Zenith School of Management

I feel greatly honored and privilaged to share my thought and ideas with you in this environment with heartfelt emotions.Now a days world is changing rapidly, where the education plays a vital role. So, the education have to enhance their strategy to respond to student's requirement and the industry market place needs skillful and effective persons or complete perfection and empasis in IT and media line to come to limelight or will also be on development of aptitude of knowledge and skills for enterpreneurship and self employment.This educations has proved an outstanding success.Education Technology will be employed in this spread of useful information by the Training retraining students to specilized education is essential to near the ever changing demands of industry.

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Zenith School of Management is situated at Kalakad, Po- Patbil, Via- Karanjia, Dist- Mayurbhanj, Odisha, 757037.It is envisioned providing quality education and training on health education with competence and quality suited to global environment. Its mission to achieve vision of developing the youth to became highly competent & versatile professionals with leading engineering industries. The institute has an excellent infrastructure with equipped laboratories, class rooms, library, hostel for boys & girls (separately at reasonable cost), canteen, transport, sports and games. Well equipped seminar hall with computer facilities. Its library which is an example in any institution is full of books journals (National & International reports, thesis, magazines & various news pages) Experienced and qualified teachers provided to promote engineering educations in country & abroad.
This Institute is situated at Zenith School of Management is situated at Kalakad, Po- Patbil, Via- Karanjia, Dist- Mayurbhanj, Odisha, 757037 having well equipped infrastructure with essential facilities like Offices, Workshops, Laboratories, Drawing Halls, Class Rooms, Library, Hostels, Recreation Hall, Open Air Theatre, Post Office, Canteen etc.
THIS INSTITUTE is dedicated to the inculcation of the highest ideals and standard in engineering and management and to the awakening of ambition, the engendering of vision and training for the individual leadership which comes with the fullest utilization of natural abilities : mental, physical, Moral and Spiritual.