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Director's Message

His divine ideal and concept "Knowledge is Power" inspired some of the Socio-Techno-Economic conscious eminent professionals to promote Zenith, in tribal rich area of South Odisha. As a principal Founder Promoter his hard efforts and noble ideas promoted a Degree Engineering College, Diploma Engineering School, ITC, Women Child education Complex, Computer education for women and many more.

All this I hope will lead to achievement of our primary goal of shaping the future of our students through Knowledge. Because a commitment you make to yourself and your future, it is a choice you make when you come to the realization that knowledge is power & the power of the future lies with those who are prepared to handle the challenges. I assure you that our faculty & staff will be there to make certain that you gain the education you need in order to succeed, not only at Zenith but in your chosen place of professional career.

Sashi Sekhar Garabadu(Direcor)